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How long does it last and how reliable is it?

We have installations running after 8 years, some of the pipes have been battered by barrels and are no longer perfectly cylindrical.
Performance is not reduced.

The equipment has recently been re-designed for reliability and easy installation so should be even better now.

It keeps on performing and we have some clients who say it actually gets better over time. We can’t comment on that but you are welcome to talk to them.

What about Health and Safety Issues?

The installation is almost invisible the only extra equipment is the wire along the beverage and air pipe bundle from the keg to flowjet.

The current is tiny, so this presents no health and safety issues. The patented pipe is specified up to 40% level alcoholic beverages.

How do I know if it is working?

The wall box has green lights for each beverage line that is connected.
If any go red just call us.

It isn’t super urgent as the beer is still OK and missing a day maximum under the signal will probably mean it is still OK until the next clean.

What does the brewery or my pub co think?

There are installations in some brewery hospitality suites, in sites of major pubcos and also major beer suppliers such as ScotCo, Interbev and Carlsberg Tetley among others.

Cellar services personnel are sceptical but generally not obstructive. The worst that has happened is one cellar services person refusing to replace the patented pipe. He replaced it with standard pipe ....
We changed it back within 24 hours.

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