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PIPELINE was the World’s first purple indicated beer line cleaner: there’s still nothing quite like it.

Purple Pipeline colour changing beerline cleaner. Caustic-free, extremely low in chlorine and very purple: even after twenty years, nothing comes close to it. Quite simply, PIPELINE changes colour if the line is dirty. It is a strong purple colour when it goes in the line. If it comes out discoloured - green, grey, black, clear - at the dispense head, you know that the line is dirty. If it comes out the same colour as it went in, you KNOW that the line is absolutely yeast and bacteria-free. If it's not PURPLE, it's not right... Because of its distinctive colour, there is virtually no likelihood of customers accidentally drinking it if the licensee forgets to rinse out his lines.


The “Trade” version of PIPELINE; extra-strength, very
quick but still very safe - no harmful effects on any known dispense system materials. PIPELINE PROFESSIONAL is designed to be quick, effective and thorough; thus enabling the cellar man to save time on “bottoming out” dodgy lines.
PIPELINE PROFESSIONAL contains no caustic soda, is
extremely low in chlorine and VERY PURPLE. Even after twenty-five years, there is really nothing like it. Quite
simply, “If it’s not PURPLE, it’s not right.... RIGHT?”
PIPELINE changes colour if the line is dirty; method is
exactly as with regular PIPELINE. Suitable for all drinks
dispense systems, e.g. beer, lager, cider, fruit juice, soft
drinks, etc. Contains TWO bactericides and the distinctive PIPELINE solution-status indicator.

£40 + VAT Delivered

ECO Option - Refill your old containers with pipeline so as to cut down on waste and we shall knock £2 off per container.

pipe pro

CELLarMATE® - neat ideas for bar and cellar

CELLarMATE® Sanitizing Tablets 600 gms
[packed 200+ tablets]  ****NEW****
A safer way of obtaining the bactericidal effects of chlorine without the corrosive and environmentally detrimental side effects. Ideal as a supplement in dispense system hygiene concerns - final rinse water purity, soaking dispense system accessories such as sparklers, hop filters, taps etc. - and as a supplement for tannin remover and warewashing equipment refreshment. Very versatile; many, many applications, e.g. one tablet a
week in break tanks of glass washing or dishwashing
machines, one tablet a couple of times a week into the cellar sump. And, what about vegetable and fresh fruit washing? NaDCC, the main component of the tablets, is the only effective and safe way of eliminating pesticide residues from such as fruit and vegetables.

£15.95 + VAT


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