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Beersaver's double-patented technology is specifically designed to emit a low voltage pulse wave, measured at 4 Watts. The digital control console mounted on the cellar wall generates this signal. The pulse wave is carried from the console via RCA cables to our patented pipe system.

Our specially designed, coiled pipe replaces your existing pipes from the flowjet to the keg.

The electro-magnetic wave fluctuates up and down the coiled pipe in a "pulse" like manner. This scientifically proven method initiates the break down of deposits, such as sugar, yeast & protein. All of which are a source of habitation and food for bio-film and bacteria that build up on the inside of the FULL length of the pipe.
In normal pipe systems, the bio-film is allowed to cultivate on the inside of the pipe feeding off sugar, protein & yeast deposits that stick to the pipe.
This is a breeding ground for bacteria to harvest and grow. Forcing you to clean your lines more frequently. By using harsh chemicals that aren't ECO friendly, you will slowly erode your pipes, which in turn can also taint the taste of your beer, and other products you have on your system.

Beersaver's bacteria inhibitor system uses it's pulse wave technology to emit this wave through the full length, patented coiled pipe. The pulse wave characteristics "shudder and shake", reducing the build up of the sugar, protein & yeast on the inside of the pipe.

With this, the bio-film and bacteria haven't got anywhere to attach themselves, feed and multiply.
Beersaver's Bacteria Inhibitor systems do not stop the build up of bacteria but delays the build up.
This system can change your cleaning times from once a week to a minimum of every 4 weeks. We can guarantee this.

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